Trevor Cobb is the drummer of Throne Of Vengeance.

Throne Of Vengeance Drummer Celebrates With The Release Of New Drum Video

Trevor Cobb is most notably known for his drum presence in Throne Of Vengeance and his work within the Alberta music scene, but lately, he’s been using some of his down time to focus on more of a promotional tool to encourage others to follow their passions. “I want to make drum videos that inspire […]

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Blades of Steel (Photo Credit: Sean Dennie, Photoganda)

Blades of Steel to release “Frontal Full Nelson & the Boxcar Bolsheviks” EP

When Johnathan Stoddart moved to Calgary in 1999, the hip-hop scene was virtually non-existent in the city. In the fifteen years since he first set foot in the city, the scene has grown, and he has been front and centre for the ride. Stoddart made a name for himself as Ricca Razor Sharp, building a […]

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